laupäev, juuli 22, 2006


First thing I got when I got back from vacation was package from my Secret Pal. My brother got the pacage. I was so exited. And these were things inside..

She has died yarn herself and it is really great colors.
Then some yarn for baby :) Blue one
Thimble for my collection
Skech book.
and Lace pattern.

Thanks thanks thanks to you :) It was really nicea to find something like this.

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Anonüümne ütles ...

oh I'm glad you got it ok :) I thought you were away but I wasn't completely sure so I was a little worried that it was lost. I hope you had a good holiday,
your secret pal

jutupaun ütles ...

:) jes I'm bac and full of emotions. I will post them as soon as possible :)