esmaspäev, detsember 04, 2006


Nii nägi ükspäev minu tuba välja. Päris põnev oli neis raamatukuhjades tuhnida. Nüüd on osa juba omanikeni jõudnud. Ma olen nõus järgmine kord ka seda asja kordineerima. Mul laps saab ka siis kohe targemaks ;) Elab raamatute keskel.

This was how my room looked like couple of days ago. I coordinated book ordering and here are some of received books I have to give to their owners. But it was interesting to see these books. It is quite difficult to get craft books to estonia. Unfortunately we don't have no bookshops for foren craft books here. Nearest is in Finland and other books we can only look in Amazon and order from there. But it is good to hold the book before ordering. or at least see what other people have been orderin. We must make somekind of gathering now to introduce others ordered books.

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