teisipäev, september 19, 2006


Well I got my final package at last. And that was birthday and cristmas all together. Thans. Thanks a lot. I got Rowans nicea pink wool. It have to be for a baby. So soft and smooth. And then cachmire and merino lace weight wool. It must be for my new lace project. And it will be from this book I got. And this book I have looked a lot, but I don't know why it wasn't in my wish list. Now I don't have to put it there but I reccomend it to all others. Wow. Thanks. And this kitten was also so cute. And my husband wants to say speciall thanks for chocolate. I think he will eat most of it :)

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ysolda ütles ...

I'm so glad that you got it (finally). And you liked everything, yay :) I'm very excited to see what you make from the book.

Asja ütles ...

Minu soovide nimekirjas on see raamat sees ja kangesti tahaks seda näha :) Ilusad roosad lõngad:)